The title

Faster Than Expected, subtitle: Schneller Als Gedacht

As I reworked the concept of my podcast, I realized that I had two different target audiences. So I decided to concentrate on one group: English speaking, worldwide connecting, community around abrupt climate change and the ongoing mass extinction.


Well, my new Auna USB microphone is not the best one, but now I have much less noise to filter. Please give me feedback.

Editorial schedule

Now I use the online tool Trello instead of spreadsheet to be more flexible and develop new ideas. I try to have at least one episode every two weeks, except school holidays. I intend to do that for one year. I don‘t dare prognoses for more than one year.

New podcast cover

I had much fun to improve my knowledge around portrait photography, picture editing etc.


I try to be less perfect. So you will hear more wrong English grammar or expressions, and lots of „hmms“ and „ös“. I wish to be more friendly with myself.