(Photo by Loïc Mermilliod on Unsplash)

In Germany scientists have observed a decline of flying insects of 80% in 25 years. For Bernie Krause – pioneer in the field of bioacoustics – the nature is more and more silent.

Two symptoms of a dying planet? For me this is a very silent drama.


Bernie Krause has been recording wild soundscapes – the wind in the trees, the chirping of birds, the subtle sounds of insect larvae – for 45 years. In that time, he has seen many environments radically altered by humans. He has been collecting more than 15,000 recordings of natural sounds all over the world. It’s getting more and more silent.

Dying Insects

Dramatic dying of flying insects

Between 1989 and 2014 there has been a dramatic decline of flying insects in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. At 88 locations flying insects were collected. While 25 years ago, 1,600 g were collected from the test traps, there are now only 300 g. This is a decrease of more than 80%.

further source: www.nabu.de/news/2016/01/20033.html