Wolfgang and I go into how scientists and their political handlers systematically underestimate the size of climate danger, and how fast it is approaching. We delve into the Tipping Points and the Self–Reinforcing Feedback Loops, but also the darker sides of the human mind, and how to handle fear.

Torstein on frozen.earth

I have been interviewed for the first time. I have to admit, I don’t like to see myself in the video. But I survived – so far.

Torstein was so nice to call me in the same breath as Frank Schätzing. Years ago, Schätzing wrote a novel in which “nature” strikes back. And this also has to do with the destabilization of methane hydrate. When I had invited Guy McPhearson on his European Tour 2015 to Münster, Germany, I had tried to get Schätzing on stage for an event. But I couldn’t get past the publishing office. I don’t know if he got the email.

Torstein’s graphic

graphic: Torstein on frozen.earth

There is no doubt, Arctic sea ice volume is going south.