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Exponentielle Entwicklung, Methan und Abrupter Klimawandel

(Methane’s Rise (2000 – 2015), von Sam Carana auf:

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FTE24 Arctic ~ Sam Carana about the Arctic and global temperature

And here comes an exclusive interview with Sam Carana!

In my view he is one of the leading scientists, who is engaged in the topic of abrupt climate change. But nobody knows who is behind this name, he prefers to remain anonymous.

In this episode of the FasterThanExpected podcast we focus on the question: How is ice melting in the Arctic and methane influencing the global temperature?

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Die Politik und Wissenschaft Unseres Untergangs

Gastbeitrag von Guy McPherson
Erstmalig erschienen am 1. 8. 2016: The Politics an Science of Our Demise
Übersetzung: Wolfgang Werminghausen, mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Jürgen Hornschuh

“Aussterben ist die Regel. Überleben ist die Ausnahme.”

~ Carl Sagan

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SAG 008 ~ Blue Ocean Event

I am honored to have the opportunity to present five great personalities, who share their knowledge about a burning issue, the melting of the Arctic sea ice and consequential a massive change of the global climate. We may listen to Sam Carana, Guy McPherson, Jennifer Hynes, Peter Wadhams and Kevin Hester, all short and condensed interviews or statements. It may be reasonable to repeat sections a few times. Some arguments recur, but everybody has a different view on it.

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The most important blog article in July 2016 – plus 10 C by 2026

Sam Carana has summed it up and has come to the conclusion: Total potential global temperature rise by 2026 (10°C or 18°F)

temperature rise by Sam Carana

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Der wichtigste Blog Artikel im Juli 2016 – plus 10 Grad Celsius bis 2026

Sam Carana hat es zusammengerechnet und kommt zu dem Schluss: Möglicher globaler Temperaturanstieg bis 2026 von 10° Celsius

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