Melting Arctic

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FTE39 ~ Too Stupid to Survive

The truth from our perspective is being accurate about what is being said in the media.

Jan Wyllie

Jan Wyllie, Jennifer Hynes and Simon Eaton have done a masterpiece. They have turned a database search into a drama.


„Mindbreaking“ is Heartbreaking

This video gets under your skin.

Be careful!

Guy McPherson interviewed by Jennifer Hynes

Guy discusses the questions: „How can I get out of the bed every morning?“ and “Why is Natalia Shakova lying?”

Guy McPherson was interviewed by Jennifer Hynes for Extinction Radio aired on 8 March 2017. It can be heard here. Rick Siegenthaler created video version version that is embeded below.

SAG 008 ~ Blue Ocean Event

I am honored to have the opportunity to present five great personalities, who share their knowledge about a burning issue, the melting of the Arctic sea ice and consequential a massive change of the global climate. We may listen to Sam Carana, Guy McPherson, Jennifer Hynes, Peter Wadhams and Kevin Hester, all short and condensed interviews or statements. It may be reasonable to repeat sections a few times. Some arguments recur, but everybody has a different view on it.

SAG 002 ~ Tipping Points in Climate Change and Personal Life

Jennifer Hynes’ series of videos are ‘the most comprehensive and comprehensible complete overview of abrupt climate change available’, says disaster specialist Nick Burk. Today I hold an interview with fabulous Jennifer Hynes.

Methan Monster II ~ Der Untergang der Arktis

– nun auch mit deutscher Übersetzung – Jennifer Hynes bietet uns mit ihrer detaillierten, engagierten und sachlichen Dokumentation einen tiefen Einblick in die davonlaufenden Veränderungen der Arktis.

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