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Humans don’t have 10 years left

Ten Minutes interview with Guy McPherson in the NZ breakfast TV, Paul Henry’s Newshub. They are talking about the end of the human species conversationally. And that’s just the beginning of the New Zealand Tour 2016.

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Guy McPherson about the meaning of a Blue Ocean Event

In the podcast episode about the Blue Ocean Event Guy McPhersons part begins at 13:07 min.

At minute 15:45 he concluded:

I think the Blue Ocean Event has meaning well beyond symbolic. The Blue Ocean Event symbolizes industrial civilization. It symbolizes the must-go-faster-mentality that takes us to the abyss ever faster. So it could – it could, I am not saying it will – it could very well create conditions under which there is no habitat for humans, in a matter of a year, two, three years, within a very short period of time in any event.

SAG 008 – Blue Ocean Event

SAG 009 ~ Guy McPherson’s New Zealand Tour 2016

Episode 9 promotes “Guy McPherson’s New Zealand Tour 2016” from November, the 24th to December, the 7th. I hold an interview with Kevin Hester, who is organizing this tour. You may wonder that I am talking about these events on the other side of the globe, but it’s clear that we are facing a global catastrophe and we have to realize that we are living on this one planet.

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SAG 008 ~ Blue Ocean Event

I am honored to have the opportunity to present five great personalities, who share their knowledge about a burning issue, the melting of the Arctic sea ice and consequential a massive change of the global climate. We may listen to Sam Carana, Guy McPherson, Jennifer Hynes, Peter Wadhams and Kevin Hester, all short and condensed interviews or statements. It may be reasonable to repeat sections a few times. Some arguments recur, but everybody has a different view on it.

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The most important blog article in July 2016 – plus 10 C by 2026

Sam Carana has summed it up and has come to the conclusion: Total potential global temperature rise by 2026 (10°C or 18°F)

temperature rise by Sam Carana

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SAG 004e ~ Extinction in Western Europe – English Subtitles

What feedback do we see on the dire message of abrupt climate change and extinction in Europe? In this episode, it’s my pleasure to talk with two fellow coordinators of Guy McPherson‘s tour through Europe in 2015, Edwin Moser from Zurich and David Krueger from Hamburg.

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SAG 004 ~ Aussterben in Westeuropa

Welche Resonanz findet die Hiobsbotschaft vom schnellen Klimawandel und Aussterben der Menschheit in West-Europa? In dieser Episode habe ich das Glück mit zweien der Hauptorganisatoren von Guy McPhersons Europa Tour 2015 zu sprechen: mit Edwin Moser aus Zürich und David Krüger aus Hamburg. Vor genau einem Jahr hat Professor Guy McPherson seine Thesen zu Abruptem Klimawandel und baldigem Aussterben der Menschheit einem breiten Publikum in Europa zugänglich gemacht. Es ging an 21 Tagen durch 17 Städte in West-Europa.

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SAG 003 ~ Aussterben der menschlichen Spezies

Es geht um nichts geringeres als das Aussterben der menschlichen Spezies. In der ersten deutschsprachigen Ausgabe führe ich ein Interview mit dem Zivilisationskritiker David Krüger aus Hamburg. David habe ich kennengelernt, als wir beide vor einem Jahr die Europa Tour von Guy McPherson mit vorbereitet und begleitet haben.

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SAG 001 ~ The Scientific Dilemma of Human Extinction

Today I am honored to present an interview with the world’s leading voice of abrupt climate change, Professor Guy McPherson.

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Baldiger Verlust des menschlichen Habitats

überarbeitet am 04.01.2015 von Guy McPherson: Near-term Habitat Loss for Humans

Übersetzung: Wolfgang Werminghausen

Fakt: Dieser Planet hat bei 3,3 C [Grad Celsius] oder mehr über der Ausgangslinie (d.h., der Beginn der industriellen Revolution) keine Menschen beherbergt. Die Zahl kann auch viel tiefer liegen. Das letzte Wort ist noch nicht gesprochen.

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