Melting Arctic

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melting ice

How the Arctic climate drama runs its course

(Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash)

In the Arctic the drama of abrupt climate change is coming to a head.

It is obvious, that this drama has an impact on the whole planet. But in the public media it is ignored largely. Therefor I have begun to bring up this painful subject and I have published some podcast episodes and blog articles. This is a kind of condensed summary of this work.

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FTE22 ~ FasterThanExpected Highlights 2017

During the last year 2017 I have published 12 episodes, including this one. Please listen to the excerpts of the episodes that have been played most. This is a review of the FasterThanExpected podcast in 2017.

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FTE 013 ~ Biology for Doomers

What makes a biologist like Guy McPherson suppose, that the climate change leads to the demise of the human species? One of the answers we will hear in this episode is: Habitat, habitat, habitat!

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Guy McPherson interviewed by Jennifer Hynes

Guy discusses the questions: „How can I get out of the bed every morning?“ and “Why is Natalia Shakova lying?”

Guy McPherson was interviewed by Jennifer Hynes for Extinction Radio aired on 8 March 2017. It can be heard here. Rick Siegenthaler created video version version that is embeded below.

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Schneller als Erwartet

Gastbeitrag von Guy McPherson
Erstmalig erschienen am 9. 2. 2017: Faster than Expected
Übersetzung: Wolfgang Werminghausen, mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Jürgen Hornschuh

Aber morgen kam schneller, als ob die Zukunft niemals woanders gewesen wäre, sondern die ganze Zeit Teil der Substanz von jeder Gegenwart, die sich lediglich wieder und wieder selbst zu einer neuen Unterscheidung anordnet, die nie wieder neu sein kann.

~ Mark Z. Danielewski

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Die Politik und Wissenschaft Unseres Untergangs

Gastbeitrag von Guy McPherson
Erstmalig erschienen am 1. 8. 2016: The Politics an Science of Our Demise
Übersetzung: Wolfgang Werminghausen, mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Jürgen Hornschuh

“Aussterben ist die Regel. Überleben ist die Ausnahme.”

~ Carl Sagan

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Guy McPherson’s New Zealand Tour 2016

This may be one of the best documented speaking tours of Guy. It could only be possible with the extraordinary work of Kevin Hester, who initiated and organized the tour, and the film documentation and live streaming of events by Pauline Schneider. So I could join the tour from the other side of the globe here in Germany.

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Humans don’t have 10 years left

Ten Minutes interview with Guy McPherson in the NZ breakfast TV, Paul Henry’s Newshub. They are talking about the end of the human species conversationally. And that’s just the beginning of the New Zealand Tour 2016.

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Guy McPherson about the meaning of a Blue Ocean Event

In the podcast episode about the Blue Ocean Event Guy McPhersons part begins at 13:07 min.

At minute 15:45 he concluded:

I think the Blue Ocean Event has meaning well beyond symbolic. The Blue Ocean Event symbolizes industrial civilization. It symbolizes the must-go-faster-mentality that takes us to the abyss ever faster. So it could – it could, I am not saying it will – it could very well create conditions under which there is no habitat for humans, in a matter of a year, two, three years, within a very short period of time in any event.

SAG 008 – Blue Ocean Event


SAG 009 ~ Guy McPherson’s New Zealand Tour 2016

Episode 9 promotes “Guy McPherson’s New Zealand Tour 2016” from November, the 24th to December, the 7th. I hold an interview with Kevin Hester, who is organizing this tour. You may wonder that I am talking about these events on the other side of the globe, but it’s clear that we are facing a global catastrophe and we have to realize that we are living on this one planet.

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