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I Freeze the Blog

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I’m shutting down my blog and podcast.

In March 2020 I took time-out.

Well, it hasn’t been a real time-out. I have guided my kids through the social shutdown of the corona wave, and I still do.

I took this time-out because I was frustrated with the ratio of the amount of effort I put into blogging and podcasting and the amount of attention. For me, writing English or podcasting means three times the effort a native speaker has.

In my perception, the attention that the topic of Abrupt Irreversible Climate Change has in the public is constantly decreasing. Extinction has become a more common vocabulary, but only in connection with hopes of how to avoid it.

With Corona Near Term Human Extinction takes an even more back seat.

Sorry, I’ve had enough.

I surrender.

I’m putting the blog and podcast on hold, at least I’m taking a break.


I have been writing this blog since 2015, initially in German, SchnellerAlsGedacht.

In 2016 I released the first English podcast episode, and English blog posts.

When I look at the highlights, I have a certain pride in what I have achieved.

Bye Bye

I will certainly write something from time to time or do an interview.

You can reach me at FaceBook.

Thanks for your attention, dear reader and listener.

FTE40 ~ Summer Break

Have a nice summer and stay save.

Or have a nice winter in the southern hemisphere.

Heat waves and deluges increase. We had the hottest June on earth. Bad news don’t stop.

FTE38 ~ AS IF – One Year to Live – Part 6

This is where I’d like to die … and it’s partly the place, right, I am surrounded by nature.

Catherine Thompson

Catherine Thompson was born in Canada and now lives in Thailand. She is living anyway, as if it were her last year. We are talking about living in the woods, building instruments, music, and a little bit about forest spirits.

FTE37 ~ AS IF – One Year to Live – Part 5

Remember you come here having already understood the necessity of struggling with yourself — only with yourself. Therefore thank everyone who gives you the opportunity.

George I. Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff and my interview partner David Korn are both seekers of truth. With his radical honesty David gives us back the question of an imaginary last year.

One of the things Gurdjieff said was: Human beings cannot do.

David Korn

FTE36 ~ AS IF – One Year to Live – Part 4

Although, if it’s just one year, I am considering filling an old chest freezer with a one year supply of ice cream, for my 93 old landlady Patricia, who I have the great good fortune to look after. And I must say she thinks it’s a great idea.

Jan Wyllie

I am talking with journalist Jan Wyllie what’s most important for him in the last (imaginary) year.

FTE35 ~ AS IF – One Year to Live – Part 3

I want to be as close to my kids as possible.

Pauline Panagiotou Schneider

Facing a collapse of the biosphere, extinction and dying I talk with Pauline about what’s important in her life. We had a relaxed conversation about such a serious topic.

FTE34 ~ AS IF – One Year to Live – Part 2

I have asked: Imagine you know your death date about one year in the future. What is most important in your life? What do you want to do?

FTE33 ~ AS IF – One Year to Live

If you try to accept that even the human species will go extinct in a short period of time, you may be confronted with uncertainty. How will extinction happen? Nobody of us has any experience with that. Uncertainty is hard to endure.

Do a thought experiment with me and find out what death – knocking on the door – wants to tell us.

FTE31 ~ I still exist

I apologize, I am not able to publish podcast episodes on a regular basis.

But I promise I will continue until the Internet is switched off or the sky falls on our heads. During a social media break I have deepened my work. It is not so important how often I publish something. The main thing is that I can offer something that helps you, dear reader or listener.

FTE29 ~ Dog Walk ~ positive death vision

„Death is quite harmless“

„Der Tod ist ganz ungefährlich“

Book title by Wilfried Reuter

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