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FTE17 ~ Holiday from Doom

In this seventeenth episode of Faster Than Expected I ask myself the question, if there can be holidays of doom, of climate disruption and the dire consequences. At the end I will guide a short meditation to find an inner room of silence and peace.

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FTE16 ~ Living and Dying in India

My guest in this 16th episode is Jürgen Hornschuh. We are talking about living and dying in times of abrupt climate change from the perspective of India.

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flying insect

The Silent Drama

(Photo by Loïc Mermilliod on Unsplash)

In Germany scientists have observed a decline of flying insects of 80% in 25 years. For Bernie Krause – pioneer in the field of bioacoustics – the nature is more and more silent.

Two symptoms of a dying planet? For me this is a very silent drama.

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