How to connect via Jitsi Meet for a video chat? I will show you what you have to do as a host or as a guest.

Jitsi Meet is based on the opensource software Jitsi from It can be used for teleconferences, video chats, presentations and others. The number of participants is not limited. There is no need to log in and it’s free to use. The meetings can be protected by a password.


Jitsi Meet‘s Address is:

To open a session just add a name. Here I have used „wolfgang1“. If the camera and the microphone is set up correctly you see yourself. You find some buttons to activate a chat, to adjust the bandwidth or for further settings on the left side.


If you want to adjust settings click on the blue cogwheel on the left side. There you can modify your microphone. The program has easily found my Auna Mic.

To invite guests send them the full URL e.g.:


The guest starts the URL in a browser. After the setup of camera and microphone he is logged in.

The talk begins. In the start window the guest will see the host. His own picture or other guests have small windows at the side.


Now the host can see the guest. The camera can be switched off on the little camera symbol. The little microphone symbol shows if the microphone is open.

Smart phone or iPhone

Another option to connect to the meeting is an android or iphone app called Jitsi Meet. There you are asked for the room name. In our case it is “wolfgang1”.

Have a good time with your meeting!