Episode 9 promotes “Guy McPherson’s New Zealand Tour 2016” from November, the 24th to December, the 7th. I hold an interview with Kevin Hester, who is organizing this tour. You may wonder that I am talking about these events on the other side of the globe, but it’s clear that we are facing a global catastrophe and we have to realize that we are living on this one planet.

Lifelong activist Kevin Hester and initiator of this tour is declaring a Global Climate Emergency. That does not mean that there are solutions and Superman will save us all, but that we have the extraordinary chance to live a full and excellent life with urgency.

Guy McPherson wrote in his essay “A letter to the future“:

Remember this: Moments matter. They’re all you’ll ever have. They are gifts of enormous magnitude. Be grateful. Make them count.




Any donation to the costs of the tour will be greatfully received.


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