I am honored to have the opportunity to present five great personalities, who share their knowledge about a burning issue, the melting of the Arctic sea ice and consequential a massive change of the global climate. We may listen to Sam Carana, Guy McPherson, Jennifer Hynes, Peter Wadhams and Kevin Hester, all short and condensed interviews or statements. It may be reasonable to repeat sections a few times. Some arguments recur, but everybody has a different view on it.

The top of the world is turning from white to blue. To call it “blue ocean event”, if the Arctic ice is nearly gone in the summer, is quite a beautiful metaphor for an event with such dire circumstances. The air conditioner of the northern hemisphere is not only overheating but also burning through. The temperature of the Arctic is yet increasing three times faster than the rest of the planet. Without the snow and ice cover it will skyrocket and overrun any threshold and tipping point. Release of methane is the strongest driver of an exponential increase of temperature, but there are other self reinforcing feedback loops.

As a short overview: Disappearing Arctic Sea Ice – 5 impacts at a glance

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Sam Carana


Sam Carana is a pseudonym for a leading observer of abrupt climate change. He, she or they is or are a main writer on http://arctic-news.blogspot.de/, that describes the situation in the Arctic, focusing especially on the threat of large abrupt methane eruptions from the Arctic Ocean seafloor.

Sam Carana gives no audio or video interviews, but he has been so kind to send me the following text. It is the text-version of a current blog article:


I am so glad, that David Petraitis has agreed to read this passage. He is an active and empathic supporter in and around the facebook Near Term Human Extinction Support Group. Many thanks to David Petraitis. NTHESupportGroup/

Professor Guy McPherson

Guy McPherson

Guy McPherson is Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona. He is the world’s leading authority on abrupt climate change leading to near-term human extinction. Only a very few scientists are able to connect the dots like him and come to similar results.

He is an excellent speaker with a lot of humor. Here you’ll hear a very condensed and clear statement that is recorded with a low quality of sound, but good to understand.

His blog is “Nature Bats Last”: guymcpherson.com

Jennifer Hynes

Jennifer Hynes

Jennifer Hynes lives in Boulder Colorado. She is a climate researcher and the creator of two major climate change videos addressing escalating climate trends and particularly the methane hydrate situation in the Arctic. Please refer to Methane Monster II – demise of the Arctic.

She is a highly trained IT professional with an emphasis on large data migrations and data trends analysis. And she has a deep and abiding interested in Tibetan Buddhism.

Her blog: jenniferhynes99.wordpress.com

Professor Peter Wadhams

Prof. Peter Wadhams

Peter Wadhams, professor emeritus of ocean physics at Cambridge University, is a sea ice specialist with 46 years of research on sea ice and ocean processes in the Arctic and Antarctic. In more than 50 expeditions to both polar regions, he has worked from ice camps, icebreakers, and aircraft. He also has travelled six times on Royal Navy submarines under frozen north polar seas to conduct research. His new book, highly recommended, is “A Farewell to Ice”.


Peter Wadhams: A Farewell to Ice: www.amazon.com/Farewell-Ice-Report-Arctic-ebook/dp/B01GT1YT0A

Kevin Hester

Kevin Hester

Kevin Hester is currently living on Rakino Island, a small island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland New Zealand. He loves the oceans. Since arriving back in NZ from extensive Pacific wide sailing trips, Hester has concentrated on raising awareness of the imminent collapse of the biosphere. He spent the early 1980’s working in the NZ anti-apartheid movement. Since decades he is involved in the NZ anti-nuclear movement.

He is planning Professor Guy McPherson’s November 2016 NZ and Australian speaking tour.

More information about that on his site: kevinhester.live