Paul Beckwith is one of the leading experts in abrupt climate change. In the first part of this interview we have been talking about the fast changes in the Arctic that lead to climate chaos and even to changes of ocean currents.

Part 2 is about weather extremes in Western Europe, BIG numbers, global emergency and dealing with this dire situation emotionally.

For further information please refer to part 1 of this podcast:

SAG 007 ~ Melting Arctic, Gulf Stream and Severe Weather – Part 1


One remark on this interview:

Paul several times has touched the topic of a global emergency. I am aware that it is a controversy how to react to abrupt climate change. I didn’t feel able to debate this issue adequate within this interview. So I hope we will find a better way.

If we will have a “blue sea event” – an ice-free Arctic – this summer, this will be a huge opportunity to spread information about abrupt climate change. I am sure there will be a lot of different reactions and no simple “right or wrong”.