In times of climate chaos living with children is a challenge but also an enrichment and joy. Climate change is unfolding faster than thought and puts us in more and more difficult living conditions. In this episode I hold an interview with Lisa White.

Lisa White

Lisa is a single mother living in the United States in the state of Colorado. Her educational background includes a degree in marketing. However, having embarked upon a spiritual path, the last few years have included intensive training and study of intuitive archetypal astrology. Lisa uses her training to guide people into finding meaning and healing through their challenging times including facing abrupt climate change. She is also a third degree master teacher of Reiki and her writing can be found in OMTimes, an online consciousness magazine. Her recent experience has included being a contributor for Extinction Radio. Her work can be found at her website Walk in the Mud and on SoundCloud at Lisa White – Walk in the Mud