Prepping for Hospice

I have deliberately used the combination of the words „prepping“ and „hospice“. Prepping means preparing for collapse- or war-situations and it aims at survival. Some people understand that survival means to be as autonomous as possible and to save one‘s skin, at gunpoint in case of need.

But if we consider it as an ecological and climate disruption we are in a global hospice“ situation. Not survival is the aim, but to leave this planet with dignity, respect and in a bearable way. That‘s my view. Others might want to knock off each other.

image: A dying bird by Bodhisattwa on – CC By-SA 4.0

A facebook poll

I have made a poll in the facebook-group „Near-Term Human Extinction Love“ about Prepping for Hospice. In this group most people are aware that our collective life on the planet might end faster than expected. And most of them try to find a way to accept this dire situation. I have asked:

„Are there possibilities to prepare for a situation when we or our loved ones are going to die? What is most important for you?“

These are the results of this poll:

  1. Avoiding the all out violence that’s coming, with collapse – 33 votes
  2. water – 19
  3. food – 15
  4. pain / medicine – 13
  5. family / children – 11
  6. shelter – 10
  7. emotional preparation – 8

5 votes and lower, just to mention them: grief /joy, radiation, law / self-determined dying, wet bulb temperature, community /friends, grace, humor, flexibility, strength

That‘s enough food for thought, for coming blog posts and podcast episodes.

Fear of violence

Most people in this little poll wish to „avoid the all out violence that‘s coming with collapse“.

My first thought is, that the fear of violence in collapse situations is an absolute realistic and serious fear. On the other hand we have an influence on our emotions, even we have none on violence. So, the question is, how to face violence in a straight attitude. This is a fertile question for one of the next podcast episodes. As well as the other topics „water, food, pain / medicine …“ are worth to think and talk about.

Please contact me here or in facebook, if you have comments or further suggestions.


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  1. Damus

    Philosophy is one way. I think UG Krishnamurti (not Jiddu) had many good ideas about how to prepare to death. His philosophy was in fact anti-philosophy and the topic of death somehow kept reappearing in all of his conversations. His words are now coming true: “Only technology progresses, while we as a race are moving closer to complete and total destruction of ourselves and the world. Everything in man’s consciousness is pushing the whole world, which nature has so laboriously created, towards destruction.”

    I was going through my book collection and discovered that I have five of his books. Don’t buy them – they are freely available at

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