Maybe some of you are missing new podcast episodes. This podcast exists a little more than one year. During this year I had breaks mostly in school holidays. But it isn‘t just lack of time, sometimes I am confused how to go on.

While I have currently joined a German podcaster training ( I realize that I have two very different target groups: 1) English speaking, worldwide community, more or less informed about abrupt climate change, often isolated in immediate surroundings, interested how to place the newest science and how to deal with that emotionally …; 2) German speaking, very few informed people, very few trying to find acceptance of NTHE, hungry for information or in early denying (grief) stages, full of hope or doubts …

I think it‘s good to decide which group I like to focus on. I have written about these thoughts in a German podcast-helden facebook group and that the podcast may be better for the the English audience and blog articles and video tutorials – like the translation of the Methane Monster maybe better channels for Germans. Somebody answered, that it sounds like a full time job. He is right.

So, during the next weeks I will make a decision. Then I wish to rework the Podcast and start with new energy with a clear focus. And I wish to let go some of my perfectionism and to accept that I am no English native speaker (or writer) and make funny mistakes.