This video gets under your skin.

Be careful!

Did you get enough sleep? Didn’t you just sink into a deep depression? Do you have your defensive mechanisms ready in case of an emergency?

Then please fasten your seat belts and let’s go.

Jan Wyllie, Jennifer Hynes and Simon Eaton have done a masterpiece. They have turned a database search into a drama.

Jan and Simon have been working on their highly professional collection of tens of thousands of online articles, The Database of Environmental Change.

With clever questions, the three producers have now collected highly explosive material. „The mental health effects of environmental change“ (subtitle) still sounds a bit dry. Little by little we hear with Jan’s narrative voice something about environmental influences on dementia, autism, micro-plastic in the children’s room and mental damage caused by brain eating amoeba. Yuck!

„Mindbreaking“ is hard to digest and heartbreaking.

In German we have an idiom: „den Ast absägen, auf dem man sitzt“. I would translate it literally: „to cut off the branch you’re sitting on“. That‘s what we are doing with our environment.