A great woman of our time has passed away. Sobonfu Somé died on Jan. 15th. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet her and to participate in her grief rituals. Good bye, Sobonfu.

“There is a deep longing among people in the West to connect with something bigger — with community and spirit. People know there is something missing in their lives, and believe that the rituals and ancient ways of the village offer some answers.

These are the simple yet deeply poignant words of author, teacher and activist, Sobonfu Somé —one of the foremost voices in African spirituality to come to west.” (source: www.sobonfu.com)

Elke Loepthien has found some beautiful words about Sobonfu on facebook:

“My dearest Sobonfu, Thank you for being my teacher, auntie, mother, sister and friend all at the same time …”

An article of Sobonfu about grief: Embracing Grief

“Surrendering to your sorrow has the power to heal the deepest of wounds”

In mid-November I have participated at a ritual workshop with Sobonfu Somé from Burkina Faso. Entitled “Releasing grief and giving life force”, 130 people have got together for this workshop. In a German podcast episode I am talking about my experiences in this grief workshop.