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FTE42 ~ One Year on the Brink of Extinction

Imagine you only have one year to live.

What are the most important things you want to do?

That’s the question I have asked six wonderful interview partners. Let them inspire you to look death in the face more calmly and to accept that we are all going to die once anyway. Here I have selected a few highlights.

The Episodes

Barbara H. and Kevin Hester:

Pauline Panagiotou Schneider:

Jan Wyllie:

David Korn:

Catherine Thompson:



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  1. Frank

    Have you heard of the concept of Deep Adaptation? Further, have you read Prof. Jem Bendell’s 2018 paper on the subject? It addresses the inevitability of social collapse, the probability of global catastrophe, and the possibility of human extinction. Then it encourages acceptance, personal peace, and uplifting action–as a way to live out our lives (however long that may be) and to impact the future life on earth (whether or not any of us are included). There’s a considerable sum of people paying attention to it, after having found the paper. Thought you might find that uplifting. Thank you and be well!

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