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FTE37 ~ AS IF – One Year to Live – Part 5

Remember you come here having already understood the necessity of struggling with yourself — only with yourself. Therefore thank everyone who gives you the opportunity.

George I. Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff and my interview partner David Korn are both seekers of truth. With his radical honesty David gives us back the question of an imaginary last year.

One of the things Gurdjieff said was: Human beings cannot do.

David Korn

In the face of collapsing biological systems on our earth, David shows himself with intelligent and deep thoughts and vulnerable sensitivity.

David is living in Tacoma, near Seattle, USA.

David is a professional Knowledge Manager, specializing in the planning, implementation, and delivery of complex or interdisciplinary special projects and communications for small businesses, major initiatives, and individuals. He works both onsite or remotely, and can work effectively worldwide via video, phone, and email.

Among others David is managing the communication of the climate system scientist Paul Beckwith from Ottawa, Canada and the founder of United Planet Faith & Science Initiative Stuart Scott, Honolulu.



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  1. Trish Kaiser

    Fabulous interview, thank you both.

  2. Peta

    Thank you David.

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