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FTE36 ~ AS IF – One Year to Live – Part 4

Although, if it’s just one year, I am considering filling an old chest freezer with a one year supply of ice cream, for my 93 old landlady Patricia, who I have the great good fortune to look after. And I must say she thinks it’s a great idea.

Jan Wyllie

I am talking with journalist Jan Wyllie what’s most important for him in the last (imaginary) year.

In addition to ice cream, strawberries and the flower garden, Jan is committed to the care and preservation of a woodland in Devon, England. Another major life task is the development of a database on environmental changes. Here he tirelessly contributes his professional knowledge as an information analyst.

Jan Wyllie

My other priority for this last year is exploring why humanity is got itself and the rest of life into this idiotic predicament.

Jan Wyllie

As an encore we hear Jan reciting an excerpt of the poem Little Gidding by T.S. Elliot.



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  1. Thank you for a delicious discourse Jan & Wolfgang, as I listened this thought occurred to me: If I were an entity which wanted to teach my various parts to unite as one coherent being I imagine a first step might be to give said various parts an opportunity to learn about the destructive nature of separation. Learning, I have found, is often best accomplished by experiencing the consequences of making mistakes. It seems to me humans are about to have an – at last inescapable – opportunity to experience the consequences of living a life of separation; whether it be from each other, nature orcreation seems unimportant at the moment.

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