I have asked: Imagine you know your death date about one year in the future. What is most important in your life? What do you want to do?

We try to accept that even the human species will go extinct in a short period of time. But we don’t know exactly how that’s gonna happen. Uncertainty is hard to endure.

I have already recorded my own thoughts facing death in the first part of As if – One year to live.


We start with Barbara. What does she think when she knows her date of death?


Barbara is German too, but we are taking in English. We are both Psychologists and Psychotherapists. We know each other through internet, mainly Near Term Human Extinction Groups in facebook and we have met in person.

Independently of each other we have both started our last (imaginary) year. Barbara is inspired by Stephen Levine and talks about outer and inner work. She is writing about her experiences here: A Year To Live – A Year To Prepare


And then Kevin Hester is talking about his imaginary last year: Kevin Hester from Rakino Island, near Auckland, New Zealand.

Kevin Hester

Kevin’s final active rebellion is planting trees and he emphasizes that we have a moral obligation for the young generation.



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