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FTE31 ~ I still exist

I apologize, I am not able to publish podcast episodes on a regular basis.

But I promise I will continue until the Internet is switched off or the sky falls on our heads. During a social media break I have deepened my work. It is not so important how often I publish something. The main thing is that I can offer something that helps you, dear reader or listener.



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Near Term Human Extinction in 5 Acts – Video




  1. Beverly Nelson

    You are a flash of light in the darkness. When it comes to talking to people I know about the extinction of life on our planet, no one wants to listen. Whereas I have lots of friends and activities, there is no one I can share information with, and in that respect I feel very lonely.

    What an impressive twist you gave to your video “Near Term Human Extinction in 5 Acts”, paralleling the tragedy of Macbeth with the tragedy humans are now facing as our existence time on earth approaches Act 5. I graduated from a liberal arts college in the U.S. and was grateful for the advantage of the broad perspective, the mix of studies in the arts and sciences that was offered. I think the liberal arts education has disappeared from higher education in the US. But I still retain the “life long learning” outlook…..or I wouldn’t have found you and your noble and brave attempts to do what you can to enlighten a dumbed-down western population. You are a rarity!

    You are right. There are those out there in the cyber world who do not understand how to take advantage of podcasts. I know about them, but I haven’t found a pressing reason to learn how to take advantage of them. So, yes, I would appreciate it if you created a little “how to” program regarding podcasts. I use iTunes a lot as a lover of music.

    For sure I will stay tuned to your media outreach on “to be or not to be” issues facing the human race. I’m so happy to have encountered you on YouTube.

    • Wolfgang

      Beverly, thank you very much for your nice words. Yes, I like lifelong learning too, as long as it may be. Even if it’s a terrible situation, these are interesting times.

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