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FTE29 ~ Dog Walk ~ positive death vision

„Death is quite harmless“

„Der Tod ist ganz ungefährlich“

Book title by Wilfried Reuter

Among other things, I’m talking about vision boards. Dr. Karen Wyatt presents this great tool in her End of Life University podcast. A vision board may help to have a positive vivid and clear vision of your own death.

For us, who are involved in thinking about extinction, this is a wonderful opportunity to brighten dark expectations of our collective death. Why shouldn’t it be bright, peaceful and beautiful?




Exponentielle Entwicklung, Methan und Abrupter Klimawandel


FTE30 ~ Be Careful – Climate Change Attacks

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  1. Martin

    Appreciate your taking the time and effort to produce these podcasts, which chime strongly with the thoughts of a fellow doomer. We are surely doomed, but deservedly so: the universe will carry on regardless and we’re simply not important enough to get hung up about. All will be as it should…

    Peace 🙂

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