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FTE26 ~ Dog Walk ~ New Podcast Format

How do you like my new podcast format, just walking and talking?

Still my purpose is this:

I want to support people, who are brave to face the collapse of our biosphere, to be aware how precious life is and not to be alone.

So I have accepted the challenge to talk English in a free and I hope more fluent way. And I didn’t edit the recording. So you’ll hear all my “hms” and “ähs”. But I guess that disturbs me more than you.



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  1. Jan

    Hello Wolfgang,

    I welcome your new approach and I don’t feel that you have embarrassed yourself. Although I can well understand the self-critical feeling that you describe and the worries associated with this attempt. But you just made it and it was good. Kurzweilig and personal.

    And because it was played in the list of my podcast today shortly after yours, I want to draw your attention to the latest Forschergeist episode, even if it is not so much on your main purpose:

    All the best

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