During the last year 2017 I have published 12 episodes, including this one. Please listen to the excerpts of the episodes that have been played most. This is a review of the FasterThanExpected podcast in 2017.

New Launch

I had a break in the first half of the year. I have not been satisfied with the attention my work has received, especially the German episodes. I recognized that I had two different target groups: the international English speaking community, who is familiar with abrupt climate change and the resulting near-term human extinction and the German speaking group, where scarcely anybody has heard about „Abruptem Klimawandel“.

I decided to concentrate on the first group and had a new launch in June 2017 with Listening in the Rain Forest, a talk with musician and instrument builder Catherine Thompson, who is living in Thailand. Kind regards to you, Cathrine.


The podcast had 4100 total plays in 2017. I had nearly 10,000 hits on the shownote pages of my website xwer.de.

Now, here are my charts of 2017:

The Third

The third place in my podcast chart is:

FTE18 – Exponential Disaster

This episode from October 2017 had 193 plays. That is not really much attention, but I am aware, that only a few people in the world want to know something about the upcoming disasters. In this episode I have been talking with the American disaster manager Nick from ReliefAnalysis. I have talked with him about different phases of disaster management, about exponential extreme weather events and about a hospice situation.

Place two

FTE15 – worldwide connected: Water

This is an episode co-hosted by Kevin Hester from July with 252 plays.

We have dedicate this episode to the animals and the burden inflicted on the other species by us, Homo sapiens. Billions of animals are dying and suffering. And 200 species (of animals and plants) are going extinct every day.

The first place

And now, ta ta ta, the first place of the FasterThanExpected Charts:

FTE13 – Biology for doomers

This conversation with the one and only Guy McPherson from June 17 had 1343 plays.

What makes a biologist like Guy McPherson suppose, that the climate change leads to the demise of the human species? One of the answers we hear in this episode is:

Habitat, habitat, habitat!


Well, I am not doing this work for clicks in the internet in the first place, but for you dear listeners. By the way, I enjoy it to produce podcast episodes. And it‘s mental hygiene for me to talk with people on the same wavelength about this difficult topic.

In 2018 I will go on with the series about the Arctic. It‘s funny, I had planned to have weekly episodes in December, but now I am slower than expected. I hope we‘ll meet again in 2018. And if you hear this episode in 2018, I see, you are back again.