In this episode I have an interview with Torstein Viddal from Norway, now living on Greenland. He is a novelist, has a master in information science and is an eco activist since decades. Torstein is following data of ice extent and volume in the Arctic very closely. Now in 2017 he has observed the lowest ice volume of millions of years.

The Arctic Sea Ice Volume is 2017 at it’s ever recorded low. Maybe this sounds somehow special, but what‘s going on in the Arctic now has huge consequences for the climate of the planet. Finland‘s President Niinistö said in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World


Torstein about the dire situation we are in:

Emotionally I think I will always be like – keeping it real. Accepting the situation we are in, is so much easier than denying it, because I suspect, that even the deniers fear what’s inside that box, but they are not looking into.


> 2270-greenland (Foto from Torstein Viddal from Greenland)

I have inserted a short introduction from THE Arctic expert in the world, Professor Peter Wadhams, from October 2016.
Peter Wadhams, professor emeritus of ocean physics at Cambridge University, is a sea ice specialist with 46 years of research on sea ice and ocean processes in the Arctic and Antarctic. In more than 50 expeditions to both polar regions, he has worked from ice camps, icebreakers, and aircraft. He also has traveled six times on Royal Navy submarines under frozen north polar seas to conduct research. His book, highly recommended, is “A Farewell to Ice”.