What makes a biologist like Guy McPherson suppose, that the climate change leads to the demise of the human species? One of the answers we will hear in this episode is: Habitat, habitat, habitat!

Guy McPherson is Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona. He taught and conducted research for 20 award-winning years before leaving the university. He is THE authority for abrupt climate change leading to near-term human extinction.

Guy McPherson

A very few scientists in the world dare to talk about in public, that the climate is just now in a radical irreversible change, that will effect all life on our planet.

Guy McPherson, with his major fields conservation and evolutionary biology, is the only biologist, I know, who assumes that these changes lead to a mass extinction, even of the human species, within a very short period of time, within a few years.

So, in this episode we focus on Biology for Doomers.