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Climate Deniers meet Russian Hackers

(Photo by Kevin on Unsplash)

In my own little universe these both groups have met.

Greetings to Russia

Actually I have intended to appreciate my new website. Since the new set-up and start in early February the counter has signaled 24.000 visits on March 23th.

Let‘s have a party?

Well, around 17,000 visits I had from 3 articles. This supports the 80/20 rule. That means, that 80% of the success can be realized with 20% input or products. I don‘t like it very much, that such important topics like grief or hospice don‘t have very much attention. But I can accept, that it‘s most important to care for those 20%.

Then I have recognized, while looking more deep into the statistics, that most visits on my site have been less than 1 minute. Only 3% stayed at least 1 minute, that means less than 2% are readers.

And at the end of February most of the visits have come from Russia. In early March this suddenly stopped. Maybe the German secret service has been successful. Now the most visitors come from Virgina.

My website has much much more attention from Russian or US hackers than from readers interested in abrupt climate change. That‘s really frustrating!

How many are interested in Near-Term Human Extinction?

On facebook I had have a little conversation about the commentaries on the popular German television news channel „Die Tagesschau“. It has been about the very fast heating of the Arctic.

I have argued that the number of deniers of abrupt climate change and near-term extinction (NTHE) is bigger than 99%, maybe 99,99% or even 99,9999%. Then I have taken my calculator and have computed the number of 0,0001% Germans, who may hold NTHE as possible. So, for 80 mio. inhabitants the result is 80 people.

If there are 80 Germans I‘d really like to organize a meeting.

If there are 99,9999% people in the world who ignore or deny abrupt climate change leading to NTHE, there are 7,500, who do not.

And the moral of the story:

Only very few people are willing or able to make connections between abrupt climate change and a mass extinction event.


I have told you, you are not alone. Let‘s celebrate that, instead of moaning about the lack.


How the Arctic climate drama runs its course


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  1. David Petraitis

    Thanks Werner, Leaving this reply so you now know that a real human read your article. I used to tell people in NYC that the number of NTHE people is 1 in a million. So my little group of 7 friends was about all the people who thought about it in NYC… LOL

  2. Statistics that rock the boat – you cannot help but take it with a lot of humour if you want to stay sane. Just now I came across a youtuber who thinks Ken Jebsen is a doomer. What would they make of the likes of us? 😀
    Anyway. I wanted to encourage you to continue with the topics you have an urge to talk about and leave the “what people would like to hear” stuff to those who make money from it.

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