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Sam Carana - Massenaussterben - 2 Grad

Sam Carana warnt vor Massenaussterben

Die Wichtigste Botschaft aller Zeiten

von Sam Carana, Übersetzung: Wolfgang Werminghausen

Original: Most Important Message Ever, 16. Juli 2019

Dies ist die wichtigste Nachricht, die jemals veröffentlicht wurde. Bitte teilen Sie sie mit anderen und fügen Ihre Kommentare hinzu!

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Deutsche Untertitel im YouTube-Video

Dies ist eine Anleitung, wie du deutsche Untertitel in YouTube-Videos einstellen kannst.

Falls das Video eingebettet ist, erst mal starten und [YouTube] rechts unten klicken. Dann wird es im Browser in der YouTube-Oberfläche abgespielt.

YouTube Video mit deutschen Untertiteln
  1. Untertitel aktivieren
  2. Einstellungen aufrufen

3. Untertitel / Automatisch übersetzen / Deutsch


Viel Spaß beim Video gucken.

FTE40 ~ Summer Break

Have a nice summer and stay save.

Or have a nice winter in the southern hemisphere.

Heat waves and deluges increase. We had the hottest June on earth. Bad news don’t stop.

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FTE39 ~ Too Stupid to Survive

The truth from our perspective is being accurate about what is being said in the media.

Jan Wyllie

Jan Wyllie, Jennifer Hynes and Simon Eaton have done a masterpiece. They have turned a database search into a drama.

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„Mindbreaking“ is Heartbreaking

This video gets under your skin.

Be careful!

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too late

It is Too Late to Prevent Climate Change

(Photo by Wil Stewart on

Sorry, Greta Thunberg.

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The Global Temperature Baseline Lie

Like the “Fridays for Future” movement or “Green New Deal” the Paris Agreement has already called for a limitation of global warming to well below 2 °C above preindustrial levels; and to limit the increase to 1.5 °C.

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FTE38 ~ AS IF – One Year to Live – Part 6

This is where I’d like to die … and it’s partly the place, right, I am surrounded by nature.

Catherine Thompson

Catherine Thompson was born in Canada and now lives in Thailand. She is living anyway, as if it were her last year. We are talking about living in the woods, building instruments, music, and a little bit about forest spirits.

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FTE37 ~ AS IF – One Year to Live – Part 5

Remember you come here having already understood the necessity of struggling with yourself — only with yourself. Therefore thank everyone who gives you the opportunity.

George I. Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff and my interview partner David Korn are both seekers of truth. With his radical honesty David gives us back the question of an imaginary last year.

One of the things Gurdjieff said was: Human beings cannot do.

David Korn

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FTE36 ~ AS IF – One Year to Live – Part 4

Although, if it’s just one year, I am considering filling an old chest freezer with a one year supply of ice cream, for my 93 old landlady Patricia, who I have the great good fortune to look after. And I must say she thinks it’s a great idea.

Jan Wyllie

I am talking with journalist Jan Wyllie what’s most important for him in the last (imaginary) year.

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