Melting Arctic

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El Niño 2020

Take El Niño Seriously

Is El Niño dangerous for you?

You live far away from the Pacific Rim.

In this text you will get more clarity about the global interconnections.

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100% renewables

100% Renewables – Is it possible?

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Offering renewable energies as a solution to the climate crisis is like trying to treat alcoholism with chamomile tea.

The expansion of renewable energy in Germany is regarded as exemplary for highly industrialized countries.

But Germany is flying the wrong flag with “100% Renewables”.

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FTE42 ~ One Year on the Brink of Extinction

Imagine you only have one year to live.

What are the most important things you want to do?

That’s the question I have asked six wonderful interview partners. Let them inspire you to look death in the face more calmly and to accept that we are all going to die once anyway. Here I have selected a few highlights.

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sundown facing extinction

8 Things to DO in the Face of Extinction

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Have you done nothing since you think the extinction of the human species is possible?

Extinction Rebellion have incorporated the “evil” E-word into their name and the hourglass’s time into their logo. Even the young Fridays for Future movement talks about the possible end of the human species. Dramatic consequences of global warming are visible all over the world.

What is to be done?

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FTE41 ~ Sam Carana warnt vor Massenaussterben

Im Sommer 2019 sind wir schon bei einer Erhöhung der durchschnittlichen Temperatur auf der Erde von 2 °C angekommen. Was passiert bei +3 Grad, +4 oder +5 Grad?

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Sam Carana - Massenaussterben - 2 Grad

Sam Carana warnt vor Massenaussterben

Die Wichtigste Botschaft aller Zeiten

von Sam Carana, Übersetzung: Wolfgang Werminghausen

Original: Most Important Message Ever, 16. Juli 2019

Dies ist die wichtigste Nachricht, die jemals veröffentlicht wurde. Bitte teilen Sie sie mit anderen und fügen Ihre Kommentare hinzu!

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Youtube Untertitel

Deutsche Untertitel im YouTube-Video

Dies ist eine Anleitung, wie du deutsche Untertitel in YouTube-Videos einstellen kannst.

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FTE40 ~ Summer Break

Have a nice summer and stay save.

Or have a nice winter in the southern hemisphere.

Heat waves and deluges increase. We had the hottest June on earth. Bad news don’t stop.

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FTE39 ~ Too Stupid to Survive

The truth from our perspective is being accurate about what is being said in the media.

Jan Wyllie

Jan Wyllie, Jennifer Hynes and Simon Eaton have done a masterpiece. They have turned a database search into a drama.

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„Mindbreaking“ is Heartbreaking

This video gets under your skin.

Be careful!

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