Just updating a module of my website the whole content management system crashed. I decided not to repair it, but to set up a new one. Here it is with the new domain fasterthanexpected.one.


Against all odds we didn’t have a blue ocean event in late summer. An ice-free Arctic will speed up the abrupt climate change.

In September my mother-in-law Hanna died at the age of 94. Now my wife and me belong to the eldest generation of our families, now we are elders.

Relaunche of my podcast in May, now mainly in English and with a new name “FasterThanExpected”. I am excited to connect to people around the world.


In mid-November I have participated at a ritual workshop with Sobonfu Somé from Burkina Faso. Entitled “Releasing grief and giving life force”. Two months later she died in her home village in Burkina Faso. I miss her.

November, Guy McPherson in New Zealand television: Humans don’t have ten years left.

July, Sam Carana has come to the conclusion: Total potential global temperature rise by 2026: 10°C.

In March I launched my first Podcast episode “Schneller als Gedacht”, an interview with Guy McPherson: SAG 001 ~ The Scientific Dilemma of Human Extinction


Translation of the great video presentation “Methane Monster II ~ the demise of the Arctic” by Jennifer Hynes into German, for me a long, deep meditation on the dying earth as we know it.

Oct, my mother died in hospital at the age of 89. I learned to let go ideas of the best way to die. She looked relaxed. I was glad that I have done the best for her.

Visit of Prof. Guy McPherson in Münster, Germany, on his European Tour, in our home. We had a presentation and group discussion with a small and intense group.


March, I saw Guy McPherson in an interview with Janaia Donaldson at Peak Moment TV and came in touch with abrupt climate change and short-term human extinction for the first time. Live changing!


May, my father died as I sat at the bedside. I took it as a gift on this Ascension and Father’s Day.


Banking crisis – trying to understand, how the money system is working, I became a growth critic. I threw my wish to become a millionaire to the wind.


I joined a meditation and study group for Tibetan Buddhism founded by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche.


“Peak” of my investment career: With a friend I founded an investment company “ramos value | konzept AG”.


We took in two foster children, twins of 1 ½ years in October. Now we know that this is a big challenge for nerves and patience, but a wonderful enrichment.


I crossed paths with my current wife and love of my life, first kiss on April, 1st.


Winning and loosing. My best investment year ever. And my marriage broke. My sons suffered the most losing their family. Because I worked at home they stayed with me in the flat.

I decided to give up my work as a psychotherapist.


Removal from Hamburg to Lippstadt and I began to work in a facility for drug addiction treatment. Treating addiction is like a tilt against windmills.


Birth of Frederick. He was such a sweet child and now a hulk of a man.


From 1992 – 1994 I worked in a place of refuge for the homeless, with psychiatry patients and addicts.


Begin of my training in Gestalt therapy I had the opportunity to work through my own personal background.


Birth of my son Jonas. As a student I have been a unusual young father, pros and cons.


As an alternative to computer science I began studying psychology in Hamburg.


I was born in Rüthen, Germany, a small but old town in the lover mountain range “Sauerland”, as the third child. My mother gave me the name Wolfgang and all the unexpressed grief about the loss of her older brother.


My uncle Wolfgang, brother of my mother, was missed in the submarine warfare in the North-Atlantic.