Wolfgang Werminghausen is living in Münster, Germany. He is married and has 4 children. After study of psychology and working as psychotherapist, he had a trip into the world of finance for some years, developing investment strategies and long-term analysis of accounting statements. With the insight, that the economic paradigm of infinite growth is a delusion and does harm ecologically, it was only a small step to Guy McPherson’s theses of abrupt climate change. He wanted to know all about this topic and invited Guy on his European tour to him in Münster.

With his wide multidisciplinary thinking and ability to delve deep into a subject autodidactically he knows that there are obviously many symptoms of a crisis of the industrial civilization. One symptom is the inexorable warming of the planet. The climate is changing rapidly and in a chaotic way. Wolfgang subscribes to McPherson’s view that the habitat of the human species is changing so fast that humans may become extinct in a short period of time.

Wolfgang deepened his knowledge of the demise of the Arctic icecap and spread it by translating Jennifer Hynes’ extraordinary video presentation “Methane Monster II” into German.

English Version: Methane Monster II ~ Demise of the Arctic

In Germany, the topic of “abrupt climate change” and “near-term human extinction” is largely ignored. So Wolfgang began in March 2016 to publish a podcast series in German and English language. Many people hardly find an open ear in their environment to talk about their emotional response to such an ecological disaster. This podcast may help a little, not to feel alone.

The first podcast episode:


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