I will show you how to record podcast episodes with the web tool Zencastr as a host or as a guest. Zencastr is working with a current version of Firefox and Chrome. A limited version is available for free. The best feature of Zencastr is, that for each participant of the session there is a separate track recorded on her/his computer. So the sound isn’t disturbed by the connection. Zencastr is specialized on audio recording, not video.


You can find Zencastr here: https://zencastr.com/

Now please login or register first.

Just click on [Create New Episode]. In this example I have named it “FasterThanExpected-V1”.

If you want to adjust settings click on the blue cogwheel at the top right corner. There you can modify your microphone. The program has easily found my Auna Mic.

To invite guests click on “Invite” on the main screen of this episode, then you get a link, that you can share. In the free Zencastr version two guest can be invited.

This is our link: https://zencastr.com/jovel/fasterthanexpected-v1

My guest “Wolfgang” has appeared on my screen. If everything works fine, please start recording on the blue button.

During the recording you can insert footnotes to the timeline or chat with your guest using the area “Type here to chat”. Once you have finished, stop recording on the red button. Now the software is working and after a little while, you will find the recorded tracks of each of your guests and yourself. Download these tracks by clicking on the little cloud.

On the “Dashbord” the tool can be linked with a cloud drive like Dropbox. Then the recorded tracks will be uploaded to your personal cloud drive.


As a guest you don’t need to log in. Just use the invitation link and enter your name.

Then you may be requested to select your microphone. In our example I have used the internal microphone of my notebook.

If everything works fine you can talk to your host now. For the volume of your microphone there is a little scale at the little symbol beside your name. If it doesn’t work please click on the blue cogwheel on the right to adjust settings.

I recommend using a headphone. Otherwise please use “echo cancellation” in the audio settings. That’s it. The host can start recording.

During the recording you can chat with your host and other guests using the area “Type here to chat”.

Good luck with your recording!

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