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Offering renewable energies as a solution to the climate crisis is like trying to treat alcoholism with chamomile tea.

The expansion of renewable energy in Germany is regarded as exemplary for highly industrialized countries.

But Germany is flying the wrong flag with “100% Renewables”.

In July 2010 the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) of Germany formulates the energy targets for 2050:

Quite tiny on the cover: 100% electricity from renewable sources

So it’s about electricity. Good to know.

In the short term the target has already been reached in 2016.

Germany nearly reached 100 percent renewable power on Sunday

~ Energy Transition, 11 May 2016

Fridays for Future demand in Germany:

100% renewable energy supply until 2035

I’ve got the impression a lot of things are getting confused here. So let’s take a look at the current situation.

100% Renewables?

At first glance Germany is on the way to 100% renewables. 47% renewable energy have been produced in 2019.

47% renewables in Germany


At second glance this 47% renewable energy is only electric energy.

Energy Consumption by Energy Carrier

What about total energy consumption? Just as we fill our cars with oil products, electricity is another energy carrier.

Final Energy Consumption in Germany

We only use 21% Electricity as an energy carrier in Germany. 61% of the energy used in households, industry and transportation comes as oil and gas.

No, 10% Renewable Energy

Given we’ve consumed 21% electricity in 2019 and 47% renewable electric energy has been produced, I calculate 10% renewable energy of the total consumption in Germany.

10% of the total energy consumption in Germany comes from renewable sources.

If biofuels are still hiding in “Others”, we can neglect this, because a good 100 petajoules of biofuels have been consumed. That is less than 1% of the energy carrier.

10% renewables on the way to 100% already sounds different, doesn’t it?

The traffic sector looks even worse.

Traffic is totally addicted to Oil

Traffic in Germany 94% oil addicted

Germany has missed the point of switching traffic to electricity. Even if it sounds different in government statements, it is only 2%. This means that 1% of electrically powered transport comes from renewable sources.


94% of the traffic is fired with oil.

I cannot imagine that the entire transport infrastructure can be converted to a climate-neutral system in just a few years.

Renewables are No Solution

It’s obvious that the label of “100% renewables” is used to support the cultural paradigm of “more, bigger, further, faster”. It is an industrial marketing campaign to drive the infinite growth further and further. The 100% label points to a modern form of sale of indulgence. Then you can feel relieved and good again.

At present only 10% of the total energy consumption in Germany is renewable. According to this, the label should read:

90% non-renewable and 94% of traffic is oil-addicted.

Sorry for trampling on your positive feelings.

But I’ll add another one.

There is No Solution at all

It is so obvious too, that the infinite-growth-paradigm leads to reactions in the biosphere. In other words: We have entered into an abrupt irreversible climate change that leads to Near Term Human Extinction.

There is much to suggest that we come too late with solutions.

Guy McPherson has stated that Predicaments Lack Solutions.