Melting Arctic

Near Term Human Extinction in 5 Acts – Video

Abrupt climate change leading to near term human extinction is a tragedy. Let us develop this drama step by step to dis-cover the gold.

Since ancient Greek drama tragedies follow a special plot. I’ll take Macbeth as an example.

Here comes the video version of the blog post:

Near Term Human Extinction in 5 Acts


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Near Term Human Extinction in 5 Acts


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  1. Ralph Michael Doliner

    Question: Doesn’t methane and water vapor reflect back the same wavelengths/ If so doesn’t the increased water vapor already reflect this heat back to earth?

  2. Prescient message, well done, thank you

  3. In 1969 I attended a conference in San Francisco by climatologists from the University of California, Berkeley. They warned we had 30 years to fix the climate. After that it would be too late.

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